150 Double Unders
50 Pushups
15 Power Cleans @ 185/135

Workout Guidance:
Today we have “Havana!” This Hero Workout is a big time grind featuring a long set of push-ups and a beefy weight on the power cleans. Our double-unders today should take us no longer than 2 minutes each round. Push-ups can and should be broken up a ton. Even athletes that are adept at push-ups should probably be doing sets of 5 from the beginning today. Our power clean weight should allow us to operate in slow singles. When we think about the heaviest power clean we could responsibly do in a WOD, this is pretty close to it. One thing that we can play with today is using different scaling options for the push-ups. Box push-ups are fantastic, but sometimes we can also make a ton of progress with dumbbell floor presses. Sometimes, athletes need to focus more on their upper body strength without being limited by their core. For these athletes, the dumbbell floor press can be a great option. We can also utilize the banded push-up today, as the time spent getting in and out of the band each round will be negligible compared to the time spent doing the set of push-ups.

Question of the Day:
What’s the most dangerous country you’ve visited?

Box Brief:
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