Mike going all the way up!

9 Abmat Sit Ups
8 Hand Release Push-ups
7 Dumbbell Push Press  50/35
1 Rope Climb
*Post score to comments

WOD Guidance
Keep moving on the sit ups and hand release push ups. Pick a weight for the push press that you can do in one set and work on the rope climb through a progression offered in class.

Question of the Day
If you were a contestant on a cooking show, what would be your signature dish?!

Box Brief
In Body scans all day this Thursday and Friday!
Tomorrow is Bring A Friend Day!
Nutrition Challenge starts October 1st! Check out the guidelines and for more information click HERE!
TILT Affiliate Cup coming in October! Sign up at the front desk!
Kettlebells 4 Kids will be held at CFNE this Saturday, Sept. 28th! Put a team together for a great cause!
Sign up for the Kettlebells 4 Kids Erg Triathlon on Saturday 9/28 here:


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