Nathalie and her daughter Mari

“Annie In A Sandwich”
50 Burpees
Directly Into…
Double Unders
Abmat Sit Ups
Directly Into…
50 Burpees
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Wod Guidance
Pace out the first set of burpees. Hold onto your double unders with the goal of going unbroken on each set. Push the sit ups and get after it on the last set of burpees! Modify accordingly.

Box Brief
And our Summer Shred Nutrition Challenge Winners are…
Nathalie Mason and Leo Bovenschulte!
Congrats to these two who made huge progress and saw great results! Below are what Nathalie and Leo had to say about the challenge along with some of their result highlights.
Nathalie Mason
Improved her body composition by losing 20% of her original Body Fat Percentage!
“This was my fifth time doing a challenge and this time I focussed on following the plan to a T.  No cheating even when I felt like I deserve a break, that was tough at times! The challenge taught me that nutrient rich food that I ate throughout the day made me feel really good.  As long as I followed the plan of eating fruits, veggies and proteins I was following the plan. So easy, really when you think about it. As the challenges has ended, my takeaway is that I can make healthy choices when I go out and in the end feel better when I eat those healthy choices.  My body feels better when I am fueled by real food. Even though the weight loss was not as much as I anticipated, I felt that my body was much more fit, more lean and way stronger than when I started. I love Crossfit Tilt and our community!!“- Nathalie Mason
Leo Bovenschulte
Lost 11.2 lbs and reduced his BFP considerably!
“I might have won but I wouldn’t have without the help of everyone at CrossFit. Without the help of Brian, Casey and everyone beside me pushing me during the workouts I maybe would have given up the first day. Lastly I want to thank my Mom for making food for me everyday and also pushing me through the challenge when I’d beg her to make me something besides broccoli everyday.” – Leo Bovenschulte