Holly Jolly Christmas
For Load
Hang Squat Snatch 6×1

For Reps:
Hang Squat Snatch @ 60-70% of Heaviest Lift
Rest 1 min
Hang Squat Snatch @ 60-70% of Heaviest Lift

Workout Guidance:
A heavy day with a fun little cash out – we’re diving back into the snatch today. The 6×1 should be heavy and challenging, and if we’re feeling good, could maybe lead to a new PR. We’ll then take a percentage of that heaviest lift and work for two AMRAP’s to practice some barbell cycling.

Box Brief:
December Holiday Schedule  
Saturday December 24th – 7am-10am Open Gym
Sunday December 25th – Gym Closed
Monday December 26th – Gym Closed
Sunday January 1st – Gym Closed
Monday January 2nd – Gym Closed

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