Heavy and Fast
On the Minute x 12:
Odd – 3 Power Cleans
Even – 3 Front Squats


3 rounds of:
21/15 Cal Row
15 Pull-ups
9 Burpees

Post Loads and Times to Comments.

Fitness is an increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Programs that are biased towards one end of the spectrum (ex. strength or endurance) will suffer outside of their one-sided time domains and loads. For example, a program biased towards performing your best on the football field will prepare you very well for heavier loads within a 5-8 minute time domain, but getting pulled outside of those parameters will most likely reveal an imbalance in fitness. While there is nothing wrong with that training, it is very different from GPP or General Physical Preparedness, which trains all aspects of fitness without leaning on one more than the others. The occasional heavy day, like today, creates and tests balance in fitness. With GPP, we don’t want a 3-minute mile or a 800lb back squat. We want the best of both worlds.

Box Brief
*** Save The Date — 17.5 Friday Night Lights Party ***
Friday, March 24 @ 5:30pm

Come out to Tilt II next Friday to throw down with our extended TILT family for the final Open workout of the season! Stick around after for food, dranks and an End-of-Open blowout party.

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