Nice and smooth on the ropes today

For Time:
DB/KB Deadlifts
Rope Climbs
*200m Farmers Carry after each round

Workout Guidance:
Today we have a workout that will be incredibly grip intensive, so get ready for those forearms to feel like popeye! For the DB deadlifts, we’re looking for a moderate to heavy load that will allow both the deadlifts to be done in sets of 15-20 reps, and allow for 100m chunks or so on the farmers carry. Rope climbs should be nice a smooth and if we have to buddy up today and share a rope, it’ll likely do our forearms some good to have a bit of rest! Expect this to be a bit on the longer side and definitely a bit of a grind!

Box Brief:
Zero One Nutrition Challenge starts August 26th!
Click HERE for details.

King of The Mountain 24 Hour Event
Saturday September 10th @ 9am at Mount Abram
Click HERE for details.

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