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20 Dumbbell Power Cleans (10/10)
20 Dumbbell Push Press (10/10)
20 Burpees over Dumbbell

General Warm Up
2 Rounds
:30 Up Downs
:30 Good Morning
:30 Walk Out to Plank

Power Clean
10 Alt DB DL
5 ¼ Squat Right
5 ¼ Squat Left
10 Alt Hang Power Clean
10 Power Clean

Push Press
5 Strict Press Right
5 Strict Press Left
10 Dip and Stand
5 Push Press Right
5 Push Press Left

Burpee Over Dumbbell
3 Step Down Step up Step over
3 Hop Down Step Up Step or Hop over
3 Hop Down Snap Up Jump Over

WOD Modifications
Power Clean-
Hang, Hip Thrust, or Tuck Jump
Push Press-
Push Up or Light Strict Press
Up Down, Jumps over DB, Good Mornings

WOD Guidance
Longer grind today! Smooth and steady today! Pace Fromm the start. Alternate on power clean and push press! Keep moving on burpees!

Questions of the Day
You’re shooting a new documentary! What it’s called? What’s it about? The more details the better!

Box Brief 
“Guess that Song” with Coach Tully, Friday at 7:30PM!
“Guys Night” with Coach Mick, Saturday at 6PM!

Tabata Time

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