Get hyped for the Internal Team Throwdown! Teams are posted below!

5 Sets x 3 Reps


5 Rounds
12 Dumbbell Thrusters (35/20#)
Max Burpees
Rest 1:00

Post scores to comments.

WOD Guidance
On our weightlifting piece, build up or keep the same weight across all 5 sets. Find a weight on our conditioning piece that you can do all 12 thrusters unbroken. Fast sprint on the burpees.

Box Brief
Check out the teams for the Throwdown! Get those costumes planned! If you need contact information, please reach out to Brian at or check the CrossFit TILT II Members Page on Facebook.

Team 1
Alex J
Paul Duddy
LJ Jr.

Team 2
Danny L
Meg G
Emily M

Team 3
Alex A
Calum D
Logan P

Team 4
Jenny B
Ana A
Berkeley O

Team 5
Kurt G
Lianne C
Ben P

Team 6
Erin K
Lisa P
Jono L

Team 7
Matheus H
Jess B
Liza D

Team 8
Jen D
Rodrigo D
Jay S

Team 9
Brian S
Kristen L
Burt W

Team 10
Jen C
Erica B

Team 11
Marcelo C
Fairlee F
Sarah T

Team 12
Jose C
Christie C

Team 13
Ally C
Silmara P

Team 14
Pat G
Terri D
Aaron F

Team 15
Chris G
Elaine M

Team 16
Ray P
Shonda M
Marc S

Team 17
Jo A
Jeff T

Team 18
Tracey P
Jeannette B
Jackie L

Team 19
Daphna C
Alex B
Nancy P

Team 20
James B
Nicole F

Team 21
Mike W
Jackie M
Lori C

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