#tbt Ana and Jen! Come on in! It’s Friend Day!

“Tropical Cooler”
Teams of 2
Alternating Tabata
Kettlebell Swings @ 53/35
*Partner 1 – Row/Bike/Ski
Partner 2 – Kettlebell Swings
Switch every round of Tabata
*Post team name and score to comments

WOD Guidance
Team day on a Bring A Friend Day! Let’s go! Row, bike, or ski…the choice is yours! Pick a weight on the kettlebell you can swing for ten reps or more.

Question of the Day
The hot summer days are upon us and you just got invited to a bbq…What are you bringing?

Box Brief
Today is Bring A Friend Day!
Erin and Brian’s going away WOD tomorrow! 530pm! Then to “The Chat” in Wayland!
Summer Promo now until the end of September!

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