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“The Legend of Zelda”
Hand Release Push-ups
200m Run After Each Round

General Warm Up
3 rounds of
1 min – Walk
1 min – Jog
1 min – Run

Movement Specific Warm Up
Push-up Warm Up

1 min Alternating Scorpion Stretch
10 Elevated Push-ups or Knee Push-ups
8 Push-ups
6 Hand Release Push-ups

Lunge Warm Up
1 min Alternating Samson and Reach
10 Front Lunge
10 Reverse Lunge

WOD Modifications
Reps- 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
HRPU- Regular Push Up, Elevated Surface, Knee
Lunges- Step Ups, (Single Leg) Glute Bridges
Run- 150/100m, :30 seconds out and back, 50 High Knees + 25 Mountain Climbers

WOD Guidance
Manageable sets on push-ups and smooth and steady on lunges! Keep a consistent pace on runs! Get after that last run!

Question of the Day
When you’re talkin’ Girl Scout Cookies, do you say:
“Caramel Delites” or “Samoas”?
“Peanut Butter Patties” or “Tagalongs”?
“Peanut Butter Sandwich” or “Do-si-do’s”?
“Shortbread” or “Trefoils”?

Box Brief
“Guess that Song” with Coach Tully, Friday at 7:30PM!
“Guys Night” with Coach Mick, Saturday at 6PM!

Tabata Time

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