The Seven Lady Godivas
For Time Teams of 2
150 Wall Balls @ 20/14
120 Box Jump Overs @ 24/20
90 Push-ups
60 Pull-ups
30 Burpee Box Jump Overs @ 24/20
*partners alternate 1:00 working windows until all reps are complete

Workout Guidance:
Today we have a fun partner workout that’s a big chipper, but with a fun twist. Rather than alternating sets, you and your partner will alternate time domains. Partner 1 will work for a minute, and partner 2 will work for a minute. You’ll repeat this process until the workout is done. With this in mind, your goal should be to get as many reps each minute as you can! Choose a wall ball load that will allow repeatable sets of 15-20 and a box height both you and your partner are comfortable with.

Box Brief:
Marathon Monday Schedule: 8am CLASS ONLY

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