Thin Air
4 Rounds:
40 Wall Balls (20/14#)
30 Toes to Bar
20/15 Calorie Bike

Post times to comments.

WOD Guidance
Looking for consistent sets on the wall balls and toes to bar today.
Find a modification on the toes to bar that you can string together 10+ unbroken toes to bar when fresh.

Question of the Day
If you could call up anyone in the world and have a one hour conversation, who would you call?

Box Brief
**Save the Date**
2 Year Anniversary/End of Summer Pool Party
Where: Ana and Rodrigo’s House
When: Sunday August 19th @ 12:30pm
Potluck Style! Family and friends are all welcome.

July Super Committed Club:
Dale Tapply 28
Charlene Nassa 26
Brian Knopf 25
Marc Symington 24

July Committed Club:
Ally Concetti 23
Emily May 23
Jennifer Concetti 22
Calum Dudgeon 22
Jess Bronson 21
Rodrigo Deazevedo 21
Simone Harris 21
Mike Joyce 21
Lisa Polesello 21
Ana Lucia Azevedo 20
Carie Facemire 20

Congrats to all those who made the Committed Club! The winner of this month’s raffle is Jess Bronson.

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