Indianapolis Colts
For Load:
Back Squat 3×5

For Reps:
21 Front Squats @ 135/95
Max Calories in Remaining Time

Rest 3

15 Front Squats @ 155/105
Max Calories in Remaining Time

Rest 2
9 Front Squats @ 185/135
Max Calories in Remaining Time

Workout Guidance:
Today we have a two parter focused entirely on squatting to kick off the week! Some heavy back squat sets to start, and then a main course of some shorter AMRAPs featuring ascending load front squats and some calories on a machine. For each AMRAP you should choose a load that you can finish the front squats in two sets, two sets, and one challenging set respectively. From there, it just comes down to pushing the pace on the rower!

Box Brief:
4th Annual Affiliate Cup starts February 17th! Click HERE for all details.

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