When: Sunday February 7th, 14th, and 21st @ 8:00am-9:00am
Where: CrossFit TILT II (31 Union Avenue – Sudbury, MA)
Cost: $75/person
How to Sign-up: Email Brian at to sign-up! 

What to Expect:
This seminar is geared towards taking on challenging workouts and staying focused and positive. We will work on pushing through uncomfortable times in workouts and talk about how to go into workouts with a positive attitude and mindset. These sessions will build your mental muscle and take on those workouts that scare or intimidate you! There is no better time with the 2021 CF Open coming up to bring effort and jump into a challenging workout with a better, more positive mindset. When it comes to workouts or taking on difficult tasks, you need a plan of attack, a clear mind, and a positive attitude. 

Each session will be based around an open workout. Included in these sessions will be tips on mindset, motivation, strategy, pacing, modifications, and more! Following each workout, there will be a breakout session to reflect. The goal of this seminar is to build your mental muscle and be more confident going into workouts with a positive mindset!

From Coach Mick:
Showing up to the gym is a simple thing to do but bringing effort everyday you enter the door of the gym is an effort- a mental effort. Your mind controls your body and down inside you, you control your thoughts and feelings. Words become action. What you think can help or hinder your performance in your workout. Let’s take these challenges head on! 

CrossFit is not just a workout. I believe CrossFit can change your life and give you the added confidence and belief in yourself that you can accomplish your goals. You just need to plan on how to attack them and adjust your mind to believe you can and will. I’ve been through a lot in my own life and CrossFit has helped get me through many struggles. It has taken me from some very bad, dark places and into a life filled with hope and passion. So, please join me for this seminar and take on 2021 on the right foot! Here’s to being a better you!

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