January Strength and Skills Seminar
w/ Coach Brian

All details…
When: Sunday Jan 10th, 17th, 24th @ 8:00am-9:30am
Where: TILT Sudbury (31 Union Ave)
What: 3 Weeks of weightlifting and gymnastics skills with Coach Brian
See weekly breakdown below.
Cost: $100
How to Sign-up: Email Brian at brian@crossfittilt.com
*Limited to 8 participants*
Each week, we will be learning different warm-up protocols, lifts, and gymnastics skills.
This seminar is for all fitness levels! Each week you will also receive additional video feedback on your lifts.
Week 1 (Jan 10th)
Rope Climbs (2 styles, Drills, and Modifications)
Double Unders
*All members will be using their own ropes.
Hand sanitation will be required before and after all climbs.
Week 2 (Jan 17th)
Power Clean
Bulletproof Shoulder Protocol
Ring Muscle Ups (Strict, Kip, Drills, and Modifications)
Week 3 (Jan 24th)
Front Squat
Hip Halo Glute Activation Protocol
Handstand Push-ups (Strict, Kip, Drills, and Modifications)
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