Athlete of the Month
Congrats to Liz Llewellyn on being our Athlete of the Month for March! Liz first began classes with us outdoors over the summer in 2020 and has been killing it ever since! We asked her a few fun questions below to get to know her a little better! Check them out!


1. When did you first start at TILT?
July 17th, 2020


2. What is your favorite food?
The Lousianna Po ‘Boy sandwich from Ribizza (RIP) and recreated at the Triple Rock (RIP) in Minneapolis. Which is nothing like any sandwich found in Louisiana, but is amazing. Sausage or pulled pork, fried potatoes, onions, jalepenos, garlic mayo, Cajun seasonings, cheese on top of grilled French bread.

3. If you could choose a walkout theme song, what would it be?
Prince, Baby I’m a Star


4. You just won a million dollars! What is the first thing you would purchase?!
A house in Vermont near skiing and a lake.


5. What is your favorite outdoor activity or hobby?
Skiing in winter. Paddleboarding in summer.


6. What is your ideal vacation place?
A lake in the mountains, somewhere with a really good grocery and gastropub nearby.


7. If you had any advice to give someone thinking about trying TILT what would it be?
Go for it. Seriously. Start today. It is 100% fun, 0% awkward. The coaches and members create a really friendly and welcoming environment. And the coaches can scale and modify the workouts so they’re right-size for wherever you’re at.

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