Never Forgotten

“Always Remembered”

Teams of 2:
Buy-in: 2001m Row
4 Rounds:
9 Rope Climbs
11 Bear Complexes (135/95#)
Buy-out: 2977m Row

*1 Bear Complex= 1 Power Clean, 1 Front Squat, 1 Push Press, 1 Back Squat, 1 Push Press

Box Brief
Find a buddy to team up with for today’s 9/11 remembrance workout! One person works at a time.

Today is a day that we honor the fallen.
The 2001 meter row represents the year.
The 4 Rounds represents the four planes.
The 9 Rope Climbs represents the month.
The 11 Bear Complexes represent the day.
The 2977 meter row represents the lives lost.

“The lesson of 9/11 is that America is truly exceptional. We withstood the worst attack of our history, intended by our enemies to destroy us. Instead, it drew us closer and made us more united. Our love for freedom and one another has given us a strength that surprised even ourselves.” – Rudy Giuliani