TILT Rowathon!

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“Do Not Disturb”
30 minutes
On the 2 minutes – 3 to 5 Power Cleans

General Warmup
1 min Easy Cardio
10 Deadlifts
1 min Easy Cardio
10 Hang Power Cleans (Position 1)
1 min Easy Cardio
10 Hang Power Cleans (Position 2)
1 min Easy Cardio
10 Power Cleans (Position 3)

Movement Specific Warmup
Power Clean

3, 2, 1 x 5
3, 2, x 5
3 x 5

WOD Modifications
Power Clean – Hang Power Clean, Dumbbell Power Clean, Deadlift
Any Cardio

Question of the Day
What side of the shower do you enter on?

Tabata Time

Box Brief
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