How many reps can you hang on for?

Slippery When Wet
On 2:30 x 5 Rounds
400m Run
Max Snatches @ 115/80

Workout Guidance:
Today we have two movements that will blast our heart rate into orbit. There is no rest programmed between 2:30 intervals, so we need to find the place to breathe. Our place to breathe is the run. We need to be comfortable running a sub 2 minute 400m in a way that allows us to recover our arms and shoulders for the next round of snatches, as well as catch our breath a little bit. This being the case, it’s a great day to scale the run to 300m or even 200m. When we see the 115/80 barbell, this is our moderate weight for snatches. This means that we should be coming in and doing an unbroken set somewhere in the 3-7 rep range, then following it up with quick singles until our coach tells us to get back out on our next run.

Question of the Day:
What mess do you force someone else to clean up?

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