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“All Me”
2/2, 4/4, 6/6…
Strict Pull-up
Hand Release Push-up
10m Shuttle Run

General Warmup
2 min Easy Cardio
:15 Seconds of Each x
3 Arm Circles Forward Arm Circles Backwards
Up and Back
One Arm Up One Arm Down
Plank Air Row

Movement Specific Warmup
:10 Deadhang on Bar or Dumbbell
10 Scap Pull-ups on Bar or Dumbbell
5 Easy Ring Row or Dumbbell Row
5 Workout Style Pull-ups

5 Scap Push-up
5 Elevated or Knee Push-up 5 Push-up
5 Push-up
5 Hand Release Push-up

Shuttle Run
:30 Alternating Quad Stretch and Reach
:30 Alternating Hamstring Stretch
:30 High Knees
:30 Butt Kickers
5 x 10m Shuttle Run Slow
4 x 10m Shuttle Run Moderate
3 x 10m Shuttle Run Fast

WOD Modifications
Pull-ups – Ring Row, DB Row
Hand Release Push-ups – Push-up, Knee Push Up, Elevated Push Up
Shuttle Runs – Bike, Row, Ski, Jumping Jack, 5 MTN Climber/Shuttle Run (:05 Cardio/Shuttle Run)

Question of the Day
When you enter a swimming pool, do you jump right in the deep end or do you wade into the shallow end slowly?

Tabata Time

Athlete of the Month
Congrats to Hannah MacLean on being our Athlete of the Month for June! Below are some questions to get to know Hannah a little better!

1. When did you first start at TILT?
December of last year.
2. What is your favorite food?
When they’re in season, strawberries. Otherwise, authentic Italian cappuccino (still looking for a place that has that here in this area!).

3. If you could choose a superhero power, what would it be?
I would love to be able to communicate in every language, human and animal.

4. You just won a million dollars! What is the first thing you would purchase?!
I’d most likely buy a house and start a non-profit.

5. What is your favorite outdoor activity or hobby?
I really enjoy photography. As far as outdoor activities, I enjoy hiking and kayaking if I have good company and the weather is temperate.

6. Would you rather live on the beach or in a cabin on the mountains overlooking a lake?
The ocean is my happy place, so I’d definitely have to say the beach. But I’d take trips to the mountains to appease my mountain/lake-loving husband. 😉

7. If you had any advice to give someone thinking about trying TILT what would it be?
I was intimidated at first because of how strong and fit everyone was (I was just coming back after a several-year hiatus from any real exercise plan), but the coaches and athletes at TILT are so welcoming and encouraging that I knew I had found my community. I have some nagging joint issues/injuries from a few years of Irish dancing when I was younger, and the way the coaches are able to modify exercises so that I can participate and get significantly stronger and more fit has been amazing. I’d love for everyone to experience the same encouragement and support that I’ve experienced through TILT.

Box Brief
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