Dave, Dale, and Craig!

Class Schedule 3/25
7am Class
9am Class
12 Core+ Cardio
1pm HIIT/Sculpt
4pm Mobility
5pm Class
Moving forward the only link you will need to jump into class is: https://zoom.us/j/2740893085
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30 Up Downs
:45 second Plank
60 Mountain Climbers

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General Warmup
2 rounds of:
:30 Jog in place/Row/Bike/Ski/ or Jumping Jacks
:30 Knee Tucks to Lunge and Twist
:30 Alternating Calf Stretch
:30 Alternating Twisted Cross
:30 Inchworms
10 Alternating Shoulder taps

Specific Warmup
Up Downs
5 Step down to high plank step back up
5 Jump Back to high plank step back up
5 Full up downs

:20 Low Plank on forearms
:20 Alternating Low Plank to High Plank
:20 High Plank (top of Push-Up)

Mountain Climbers
10 Slow Mountain Climbers
10 Faster Pace Mountain Climbers

Warmup Round:
5 Up Downs
:20 seconds Plank Hold
10 Mountain Climbers

Up Downs
If you cannot go down to the ground for up downs go to a box/table or elevated height. If you cannot jump for up downs, work with stepping the feet back and then step up to stand. If you have an upper body injury complete tuck jumps.
If you cannot hold either a low plank or high plank, work with a hollow/tuck hold for :45 seconds
Mountain Climbers
If you cannot complete mountain climbers you can do high knees in place, line hops, or jumping jacks.

WOD Guidance:
All the core work today! Move at a steady pace on up downs. You can do a high plank or low plank for the :45 second plank hold. Pick a plank you can hold for the :45 seconds. Break mountain climbers up to give your shoulders a rest.

Question of the Day:
As a kid what was your favorite cartoon to watch on TV?

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