Ya Boyz!

“Weightlifting Wednesday”
Clean or Snatch
On the 2 minute x 10
1 Pull  + 1 Hang High Pull + 1 High Hang Power + 1 Hang Power + 1 Full Power

Virtual Access: https://zoom.us/j/2740893085  
Click HERE to access our Vimeo

WOD Guidance
Climb in weight or same weight across!

Question of the Day
What new Seasonal Polar seltzer flavor would you create?

Committed Club
Congrats to the following athletes below for making it into the club!
Rachel Wagner
Julia McCart
Ashley Paulsen
Chris Lowe
Liz Llewellyn
Elise Kumar
Cal Howes
Julia Becker Collins
Alex Babitsky
Michael Noce
Michael Milofsky
Nicole Foreman
Jo Agne
Marisa Sebastanelli
David Sebastanelli
Gretchen Freihofer
Stella Atwood
Elevania Araujo
Lucas Oliveira
Matt Jackson
Scott Kluge
Brandon Edlefsen
Erica Bovenschulte
Marc Batarekh
Kevin Sarro
Carie Facemire
Hannah MacClean
Mark Anderson
Nadia Abuelezam
Vinnie Minucci
Phil Muscatelo
Andrea Brenner
Carlyn Ross
Craig Santos
Luna Lopez
Xochitl Lopez
Ann Yazdani
Molly Hoagland
Paulo Matos
Sue Ciaffoni
John Wylie
Fred Distefano

Box Brief
WEIGHTLIFTING SEMINAR w/Coach Eddie! For more details CLICK HERE!

KIDS Class Sundays at 12:00pm- 12:30pm! Email Brian@crossfititlt.com to reserve and more information!

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