Two Minute Warning
2:00 On :30 Off x 12

Workout Guidance
This is a hard interval because there’s so little rest involved. While on some interval days we may be able to push the work knowing that we have significant rest coming, 30 seconds is not long enough to recover from a 2 minute sprint on the row, bike or ski. If we’re unsure of how to pace this one, we should start out slow, and try to slink our way up towards a faster pace as we get deeper into the workout.

Question of the Day
What’s the most excited you’ve ever been about a sporting event?

TILT Holiday Party- Saturday, December 18th @ 6pm-12pm – Click HERE for all details.

Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule-
Thursday 11/25 – 7am and 9am classes only

Friday 11/26 – Gym Closed

Saturday 11/27 – Open Gym 9am-12pm

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