***500/1000 Club Additions!!***
Huge congrats to the following people who are the newest additions into our 500/1000 Club!
How do I become a part of the club?
Attend 500 or 1000 classes at TILT!
What’s in it for me?
Bragging rights, fitness gains, and your picture posted at TILT under the 500 and 1000 club wall!
500 Club Additions:
Lucas Oliveira
Sheri Martinelli
Liliana Lopez

For Load
5×3 Power Snatch
5×2 Snatch Balance
5×1 Squat Snatch

Workout Guidance:
Big heavy day today entirely focused on the snatch as the main lift. Each set should be challenging, but technically sound. This is our second Wednesday in a row of snatch work, so we should be starting to find a bit of a rhythm with this movement.

Box Brief:
TILT Halloween Throwdown – Saturday October 22nd @ 8:45am in Sudbury – Click HERE for all details.
*There will be no classes scheduled this day at all gyms.

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