“The Running Dead”
3 Rounds:
600 Meter Run
16 Deadlifts (225/155#)
60 Double-Unders

Out of the 10 recognized general physical skills, accuracy is probably the one least talked about. Although it is involved in just about every movement you can think of, it is sometimes overshadowed by other skills like strength and speed. Accuracy is essentially putting your body or an external object where you want it to go. We improve this neurological adaptation through repetition or practice that leads to positive change in the nervous system. If you are inaccurate on a movement like double-unders, your time will slow. If your time slows, your power output is less, intensity is less, and the results you gained from that specific workout are less. Practicing being accurate in these higher skill movements will lead to an increased organic change in your body and an increased neurological change.

Box Brief
Nutrition Challenge coming up! Stay tune for details!

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