December Member of the Month – Charlene Nassa!

Weightlifting Wednesday!

3-Position Power Snatch
Build to a Heavy Complex

“Power Hour”
15/12 Calorie Row
12 Power Snatches (95/65#)

Rest 3:00

15/12 Calorie Row|
8 Power Snatches (115/80#)

Rest 3:00

15/12 Calorie Row
4 Power Snatches (135/95#)

Post scores to comments.

Congrats to our December Member of the Month, Charlene Nassa! Find more about Charlene below…

When and how did you get started with CrossFit?
Thank you for naming me December member of the month.  I have some big shoes to fill with Mike Ward being my December member of the month predecessor.  Hope I can make you proud Mike! 

I first started Crossfit in April 2013, when Crossfit Union first opened.   Prior to Crossfit I was mostly running and doing bootcamp classes a few times a week.  Although I enjoyed running and wanted to continue running marathons (I ran my first, and only marathon with Tracey and Jo in 2012) my knees did not agree with that decision and could no longer keep up with the long training runs.  I also felt that I was plateauing with bootcamp and needed to mix things up.  A friend that Jo and I ran Reach the Beach with, who was also a crossfiter told us about Union opening so we decided to give it a try.  I walked in the first day and the skill was handstand push ups. I thought it was the most bizarre thing I had ever seen but I was so intrigued and was immediately hooked.  I loved learning a new skill or the feeling when something clicks for the first time and it kept me coming back for more. I knew this was exactly what I needed.  Nearly 5 years later I still love that you can always learn and improve at crossfit.  I love being able to measure and look back at my progress.  The constant variety, intensity as well as the amazing community and camaraderie is what I love the most.  When Tilt took over Crossfit Union in 2016 it was like a dream come true.  Not just the physical transformation of the gym but the programming, amazing coaching and growing community have been a total game changer for me.  I have never been more passionate (some may say “obsessed”) about the sport of Crossfit.   Being at Tilt is always the best hour (ok, sometimes 2 or 3 hours) of my day!

Favorite workout?
If anyone knows me they know that I love anything with burpees!!! Burpees are by far my favorite movement with thrusters or pull ups being a close second. I also like a lot of the benchmark workouts with Fran, Cindy and Diane being some of my favorites.  But I always love a good hero workout especially Murph!  

Least favorite workout?
|My least favorite workout is probably Fight Gone Bad.  I’ve done it at least 5 or 6 times and it always just crushes me.  Other than that I don’t really hate any workout but I’d rather not do a lot of wallballs and rowing.  

What are some interesting facts that we may not know about you?

I am really not that interesting and feel like you all know me pretty well. I can’t really come up with anything interesting so here is a list of some “not so interesting” facts about me:
-In my 41 years I have never lived outside of Massachusetts (even for college)
-I cannot pee in the ocean (yes, I’ve tried. I just can’t do it)
-I am not a gymnast (I get asked that all the time) but I’ve always wished I was….however i was a cheerleader from ages 6-17 and now coach my daughter’s cheer team.
-I used to teach “Baby bootcamp’ classes, fitness classes for moms with their babies in strollers.
-I have been a social worker for the Department of Children and Families in the same office for the past 17 years (for anyone that knows anything about DCF understands that this is quite rare)
-I’ve never broken a bone. (knock on wood)
-I was in a near fatal car accident in 2004 when a dump truck fell on top of my car.  I was trapped for 3 three hours in my flattened car before being medflighted to the hospital but amazingly had no major internal injuries or broken bones!  I now believe in miracles. (ok, maybe that is kind of interesting)

-I’ve had the same shoulder surgery twice on the same shoulder (from that car accident) and Jo has also had the same surgery twice as well (her story is much more interesting than mine though!)

If you could vacation anywhere on Earth right now, where would it be and why?

Italy so i can EAT….everything!

Favorite store to shop at and why?
I am not much of a shopper and normal clothes do not really fit me that well.  I am most comfortable in workout clothes so I’d say Lululemon or Athleta would be my favorites and where I often find myself after a failed shopping trip. Or Target…I pretty much live at Target.

What was your favorite memory at Tilt in 2017?
Soooo many great memories at Tilt this year!!  So i’ll make another list!

-Witnessing the transformation of the gym in its first full year has definitely been memorable.  Also meeting all the new members this past year as our great community continues to grow!
-grand opening
Friday night lights
-The internal comp
-My first BEER MILE!
-ALBANY (TILT road trip)
-The addition of Terri and Coach Erin to Sudbury!!! 
-My trip to urgent care after Pizza Delivery game gone wrong (scars build character)

-And definitely Master Qualifers weekend! Comptrain Camp was going on at the same time which brought some amazing athletes to our gym. I was able to watch them grind and learn while feeding off their energy as I did my qualifier workouts.  But even more so was the outpouring of support I received from our own community, members and coaches.  So many members/friends/coaches who came out to cheer me on through every workout and some who came over to CFNE and sat around for hours to watch me workout literally for 4 minutes!  I always knew we had a great community but it was never more apparent to me than that weekend and throughout the opens.

What is your favorite breakfast restaurant?
Without a doubt J&M diner!  Dave’s sweet potato hash! 

Thank you all for reading my boring facts!  Wishing you all health, happiness and most of all gainzzzzz in 2018!!
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