The barbell warm up

*Climb in weight

“Sugar Daddy”
Deadlift 225/155
400m Run
*Run 400m after completing each set of deadlifts. Workout ends with 400m run
*Post times to comments

Wod Guidance
Deadlift for our strength should increase but your goal is to complete them touch and go. You are looking to complete all reps and not fail a set. If you fail a set it is counted as a working set.
For our workout pick a weight for the deadlifts you can go unbroken on. Push the runs! The wod is meant to be a sprint! Modify accordingly.

Box Brief
Wednesday July 3rd will be free class!
We will have 7am and 9am only on Thursday July 4th!
Pool party at Ana and Rod’s house on July 20th! All welcome!
Check out Coach Kathleen’s new blog post HERE

Committed Club!
Congrats to the following athletes for making it to the gym for class 20+ times this June!
Kevin Yarkosky
Jamie Denn
Jo Agne
Erica Bovenschulte
Tracey Parker
Paul Duddy
Dale Tapply
Shonda Morris
Cheryl Boland
Elise Kumar
Sarah Troiano
Daphna Cox
Kurt Graham
William McCart
Lisa Polesello
Adam Stevens
Ana Azevedo
Alex Babitsky
Jennifer Dudgeon
Dale Hedberg
Molly Hoagland(June Athlete of the Month)
Jono Lapat
Emily May