For Load:
Snatch – 5×3

For Time
30 Snatches @ 135/95

Workout Guidance:
Isabel is another CrossFit classic! This benchmark workout features a heavy snatch that most of us will be doing as 30 singles. Doing quick singles is a strong strategy on many workouts because it allows us to avoid the lowering phase of the lift. Sometimes we expend just as much energy lowering the bar back to earth as we do bringing it up over our heads. By dropping from the top we can avoid the energy expenditure and be more efficient athletes. The caveat here is that we need to have a good strategy for getting back on the barbell quickly. Quick singles can turn into slow singles as we fatigue, and if that happens we cancel out the efficiency that we’ve built in by dropping from the top. One way to avoid slow singles is to keep your feet in the same spot. Stepping back away from the barbell is a big no-no when we’re doing workouts like this. Another way to avoid slow singles is to get your hands back on the bar right away. If your hands are on the bar, you’ll lift the weight again, so if you can make yourself put your hands on the bar you’ll decrease the amount of time between reps and finish the workout more quickly.

Question of the Day:
What’s your favorite piece of architecture?

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