Heavy pulling focus today!

50 Cal
For Time:
Deadlifts @ 315/225
Bar Muscle Ups

Workout Guidance:
Once again we find ourselves pairing a heavy weightlifting movement with a high skill gymnastics movement. This does take on a slightly different flavor than some other workouts, because the deadlift isn’t nearly as technical as say, a snatch or an overhead squat. Nonetheless, we want to have some movement objectives when we’re lifting. The deadlift is an interesting case where many athletes will find that they’re able to lift more weight if they compromise their form by allowing their lower back to round. While we may see this compromise at the highest levels of competition, we need to understand that those athletes are competing for money and are making a conscious choice to take on more risk in order to increase their chances of winning. While this may be an acceptable tradeoff for them, this is not one for us. The only weights that we have any business deadlifting are those where we can keep a neutral lower back, and if our back rounds, that should be an indicator that we have too much weight on the bar. Today, let’s pick smart weights on the deadlift, and live to fight another day.

Question of the Day:
Have you ever shot a gun before?

Box Brief:
Monday July 4th
TILT Sudbury – 31 Union Ave

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