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“Ridge Racers”
4 Rounds
400m Run
50 Walking Lunges

General Warm Up
1 min Slow Jog
:30 Knuckle Dragger
:30 Quad Stretch
:30 Knee Hug
1 min Quicker Jog
:30 Heel Walk
:30 Toe Walk
:30 Side Lunge
1 min Quicker Jog
:30 High Knees
:30 Butt Kickers

Movement Specific Warm Up
10 Front Lunge
10 Reverse Lunge

WOD Modifications
Run – 300m/200m
Lunges – 40/30/25
Rounds – 4/3

WOD Guidance
Hold a steady pace on the runs and keep moving on the walking lunges!

Question of the Day
What is your ultimate taco and cocktail combo?

Box Brief
This week’s challenge CLICK HERE!
Virtual Beer Mile Saturday at 1PM!
Mother’s Day WOD with Coach Casey, Sunday at 10AM!
24 Heroes Event May 24! More details CLICK HERE!
Please help support Stack and Liza with raising money for those affected by COVID-19. CLICK HERE for more details!

Tabata Time

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