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7 AM Class, 9 AM Class, 12 PM Core and Cardio, 1 PM Bodybuilding, 4 PM Mobility, 5 PM Class

“Honey Smacks”
Double Unders
*400m Run or 100 High Knees + 50 Mountain Climbers after each round

General Warm Up

400m Run
:30 Single Unders
:30 Plank
:30 Right Foot Hops
:30 Right Side Plank
:30 Left Foot Hops
:30 Left Side Plank
400m Run

Specific Warm Up
Double Unders:
:20 Singles
:20 High Singles
:20 Double Taps
:20 Double Unders
5 Butterfly Sit-ups
5 Straight Legged Sit-ups
5 Knees Up and Feet Flat Sit-ups

Warm Up Round
20 Doubles Unders
10 Sit Ups
200m Run

WOD Guidance
Smooth and steady on the jump rope. Break up bigger sets of double unders if you have to. Keep moving on the sit-ups and pace the runs.

WOD Modifications
Double Unders – Singles, Line Hops, Toe Taps, Jumping Jacks, or Double Taps
Sit-ups – Good Mornings or Plank Hold (2:00/1:30/1:00/:45/:30)
Run – 300m, 200m, Row, Bike, Ski, 1 min out + 1 min back, or 100 High Knees + 50 Mountain Climbers)

Tabata Time

Question of the Day
How many characters can you name?

Box Brief
Keep track of your points for the Affiliate Quarantine Cup! To keep track click HERE!
Click HERE for more information on the Affiliate Quarantine Cup!
Kids class at 1030am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!
Zumba going down Wednesday at 6 pm! Same ZOOM link!

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