Heavy Snatch Complex
1 High Hang Squat Snatch
1 Hang Squat Snatch
1 Squat Snatch
1 Overhead Squat


Squat Snatch Isabel

Workout Guidance:
Today we have a two part adventure – getting on the barbell again, this time for some snatches. We’re spending a good amount of time below parallel today with a bar overhead, so expect to get the shoulders warm and then spend some time getting comfy down there before loading up. After we lift, we’re getting after a squat snatch variation of “Isabel” – 30 reps for time. This should be relatively quick, and use a loading that you could cycle for 3-5 reps touch and go, but again, singles may be the way to go.

Box Brief:
Marathon Monday Schedule: 8am CLASS ONLY
24 Heroes Fundraiser – Saturday May 20th – Sunday May 21st – Click HERE for all detail

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