The Final Countdown
1 up to 10 down to 1

Workout Guidance
Today we are testing our capacity on two fairly simple movements. For most athletes, the sticking point will be the skill of the kipping pull-up. We want to pick an option on the pull-ups that allows us to challenege our brains with this skill, but still get a great workout. Today may be a good day to have a “lifeboat modification” for pull-ups. For example, we could start with a kipping pull-up, and switch to a ring row or a jumping pull-up when we get too tired. With any up and down ladder, the vast majority of the workout takes plave in the rounds of 8,9, and 10. Let’s pace out the smaller rounds in the beginning so that we can attack the larger rounds in the middle.

Question of the Day
What’s your favorite music video?

Box Brief
**Save the Date!**
7th Annual 24 Heroes Fundraiser
When: May 29th – May 30th
Where: TILT Southborough – 12 Southville Road
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Return to Running Seminar
When: Saturday April 23rd @ 10:15am-11:15am
Where: TILT Waltham – 40 Jones Road
Cost: FREE
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