The Green Knight

5×5 Deadlift

Bodyweight Deadlifts

Workout Guidance
Today is a two-part workout, with a strong deadlift focus. Part 1 consists of a 5 sets of 5 in the deadlift with full recovery between sets. When we do these deadlifts, let’s focus on stopping on the floor and resetting each time, rather than bouncing the plates off the floor to cycle into the next rep. We do our deadlifts this way during strength pieces because most people fail the deadlift in the very beginning, off of the floor. When we bounce the bar off the floor, we’re using the elastic energy of the barbell to change direction into our next rep, essentially training around the part of the lift where we need to be the strongest. Although we advise against touch-and-go deadlifts for strength, they’re entirely appropriate for todays’ workout where speed is our primary goal. We’re looking for a deadlift weight that we could do for 15+ reps unbroken if we were fresh. Inside the workout, it’s acceptable to take one break on both the set of 15 deadlifts and the set of 21 deadlifts. Try to maintain a steady pace on the calories, rather than sprinting through the first set of 9 and falling off a cliff.

Question of the Day
What’s the artsiest thing that you enjoy regularly?

Box Brief
Gym Closed Sunday 4/17

**Save the Date!**
7th Annual 24 Heroes Fundraiser
When: May 29th – May 30th
Where: TILT Southborough – 12 Southville Road
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