September Member of Month – Jo Agne!

“Double Up”
50 Box Step Ups @ 24/20″ (35/20# DB/KB)
100 Double Unders
800 Meter Medball Run @ (20/14#)
100 Double Unders
50 Box Step Ups @ 24/20″ (35/20# DB/KB)

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Congrats to our September Member of the Month, Jo Agne!! Find out more about Jo below!

When and how did you get started with CrossFit? Wow! Thank you SO much! It’s such an honor to join the group of amazing people and athletes as member of the month! I started CrossFit in April 2013. I was running a lot and doing a local bootcamp at the time. Charlene and I had run our second Reach The Beach relay in September 2012, and one of the guys in our van LOVED CrossFit. Like a true CrossFitter, he talked about it… A LOT… That spring, he emailed us to let us know that his friend was opening CrossFit Union in Sudbury, and he encouraged us to check it out. Charlene, Tracey and I had just run our first (and I can say with certainty, my last) marathon that fall, and the bootcamp class we took was reducing classes; I was looking for something new to try. I walked into CrossFit Union the day they opened and met Gus (the owner at the time). I knew NOTHING about CrossFit, and he says he remembers me walking in and saying “I want to try CrossFit but I don’t want to lift weights!!!” Haha. Little did I know… Also, little did I know what an impact CrossFit would have on my life! My family (my husband Jon, and my 3 kids) are all members; we’ve met amazing people and forged amazing friendships. I love that my kids are growing up seeing how important fitness is, strong female role models, and being a part of this truly special community.  The small, tight-knit group from CrossFit Union was something special, and the changeover to TILT last fall has been the best thing to happen to this gym and community- I couldn’t be happier!

Favorite workout? I don’t have one in particular. I LOVE the longer workouts. Chippers. Partner WODs. Hero WODs. I love moving a heavy (for me) barbell. But also appreciate the wods that I can really work on a weakness- TTB, C2B, HSPU. I’m determined to improve these!

Least favorite workout? I don’t particularly like the strictly rowing/running WODs like Jerry or Boat Race. And I get frustrated at WODs where strength fatigues before conditioning (like failing on strict pull-ups, ring dips, or push ups). But I appreciate them too.

What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?Lock screen: My kids! Alex, Emma and Will with our 2 dogs (Deegan and Kona)
Wallpaper:  Hawaiian sunset taken from my’s mother’s house- my favorite place on earth!

Favorite “cheat” meal? I’ll go with a boozy brunch. Lobster Eggs Benedict and lots of mimosas!

If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why? Something lean and fast with amazing kipping skills that can do muscle ups. (Because I can’t!!) A cheetah-monkey.

What is one interesting fact that we may not know about you? Ugh. This is when I really wish I spoke another language, played a cool instrument, or traveled to crazy, exotic places…. ok, how’s this… in my 20’s I was part of a Guinness Book of World’s Record attempt for the world’s largest NUDE PHOTO. Haha. Not sure it ever made the record book, but I have a picture of me and 1,200 other naked people as a souvenir….


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