CrossFit TILT Summer Internal Team Throwdown
Teams and workouts have been set!
Get ready for all the fun come June 26th!
See all details below.
If you have any questions, please reach out to mick@crossfittilt.com or colin@crossfittilt.com!

What: Teams of 3 Internal Team Throwdown + Beer Mile + “Grill N’ Chill”
When: Saturday June 26th from 9am-12pm! (doors open at 8am)
Where: TILT Sudbury – 31 Union Avenue

Schedule of Events:
8am-8:45am – Arrive at TILT Sudbury to warm-up
8:45am – Workout Brief
9:00am – First Workout Begins
*Beer Mile will start after all workouts are completed.

There will be 3 heats per workout.
Heat 1: Teams 1-15
Heat 2: Teams 16-30
Heat 3: Teams 31-43
There will be a 5 minute break between heats.
After the first workout ends, we will continue on to the next.

All workouts will be briefed at the beginning of the event starting at 8:45am!

Event 1 – Going Up
20 Minute Clock:
Team 2k Row or 4k Bike Buy-In
In Remaining Time..
Each Teammate Build to a Heavy Complex:
1 High Hang Clean
1 Hang Clean
1 Clean
*Break up the row/bike however you would like! 

Event 2 – Electric Boogaloo
Partner 1:
Overhead Squat (75/55#)

Partner 2
Hang Power Snatch (75/55#)

Partner 3
Deadlift (75/55#)
*One partner works at a time. Partner 1 completes full workout, then partner 2, and finally partner 3

Event 3 – Pop Lock and Drop It
For Time:
600 Meter Run
60 Toes to Bar / Hanging Knee Raise / Sit-ups
60 Wall Balls / MB Thrusters / MB Squats
60 Box Jumps (30/24/20”)
600 Meter Run
60 Box Jumps (30/24/20”)
60 Wall Balls / MB Thrusters / MB Squats
60 Toes to Bar / Hanging Knee Raise / Sit-ups
600 Meter Run
*Switch every 200 Meters on run

*Team costumes are recommended!
You will receive an email this week with your team members to coordinate! 

Team 1
Casey Bennett
Denise Costa
Lola Jakobs

Team 2
James Brine
Mo (Saqib Ghani)
Talia Goldsmith

Team 3
Mark Whiteman
Somesh Chitturi
Madalyne Cross

Team 4
Dave Lozupone
Chase Kovac
Priscilla Sousa

Team 5
Wendy Li
Thomas Desmarais
Jakob Rochefort

Team 6
Max Isaak
Meg DiMaggio
Mark Lindquist

Team 7
Bud Henry
Kelly Slavin
Emma Levy

Team 8
Lindsay MacDonald
Stacy Andreotes
Brad Ebel

Team 9
Katie Hendershott
Greg Guarriello
Eddie Saenz 

Team 10
Elise Makowski
Rich Goguen
Allie Ketzler

Team 11
Sam Kap
Dale Lippincott
Mark Dacey

Team 12
Mike Noce
Anne Chang
Corey MacPherson

Team 13
Carter Austin-Bradley
Colleen Olsen

Team 14
Kyle Fidalgo
Sophie Isaak
Anthony Abbruscato

Team 15
Michelle Watson
Allyssa Mauriello
Ernie Pellegrino

Team 16
Aaron Gladden
Joe Henry
Allyssa Bates

Team 17
JC Murtagh
Katie Sullivan
Tim Smith

Team 18
Ed Hamel
Nicole Giglio

Team 19
Mike Colvin
Martha K
Steve Simmons

Team 20
Andrea Domings
Joe Chang
Chris Watson

Team 21
Phil Nickson
Cris Perez
Seth Lowe

Team 22
Dawn Guarriello
Spencer Grossman
Edwin Smith

Team 23
Mike Cummings
Dan Lander
Gregg McCalla

Team 24
Kristen Riley
Russ Morin
Nic Morel

Team 25
Dean Gambale
Chris Ingle
Alex Fahey

Team 26
Mark Anderson
Rob Seymour
Adam Grandy

Team 27
Jo Agne
Sarah Troiano
Kevin Burati

Team 28
Mike Ward
Elise Kumar
Cal Howes

Team 29
Anne Yazdani
Kurt Upham
Chris Lowe

Team 30
Marcelo Cavalcanti
Nicole Foreman

Team 31
Daphna Cox
Jono Lapat
Brady Schlosser

Team 32
Lee Kronrod
Jake Lagueere
Liz Llewellyn

Team 33
Jimmy Kennedy
Brian Knopf
Zach Dresens

Team 34
Kristina Barbusci
Kristina’s Friend
Kristina’s Friend

Team 35
Colin Hill

Marc Boome

Team 36
Heather Arsenault
Paul Duddy
Anthony Vert

Team 37
Lucas Oliveria
Zack Theodaris

Team 38
Jore Roa
Jeff Gray 

Team 39
Audrey Camacho
Charlene Nassa
Britt Dubovick

Team 40
Luna Lopez
Mick Dudley

Team 41
Tracey Parker
Marsha Roa
Cheryl Boland

Team 42
Laura Mcnaughton
Debbie Johnson
Kristen Leonard

Team 43
Erica Bovenschulte
Leo Bovenschulte
Silmara Perozin

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