When: Friday November 20th!  7pm start time!
* There will be an open gym time from 6:15pm to 7pm!*

Where : CrossFit TILT II Sudbury

Who: You! There will be 18 spots available!!!

Cost: $10 buy-in. Bring cash with you!

How to Sign-up: Please sign up HERE if you would like to reserve a spot! Bring $10 Cash night of the event!

Show up a little before 7pm! Pick a spot and get set up on a rower. Once it is start time you will Rowl ten rounds for seeding and then go head to head to make it to the final! Like bowling, except rowing, you will try to land exactly on 100m each time you row. If you land on 100m you receive a strike. Lowest score will win! Winner gets money and bragging rights!

-Seeding round- 10 rounds to 100 meters. Reset after each one. At your own pace. Participants write down scores and tallies them up after 10 rounds. We seed 1-18 into the bracket once everyone is done.

-Bracket then begins going head to head with partition in between participants. Best of 5 going into the Final!
Best of 7 for the FINAL!!!

Track Points
Lowest score! 

The Winner:
Takes all the cash!

If you have any questions please email Mick@crossfittilt.com!

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