Lots of hang squat cleans on the menu today!

Dippin Dots
12 Hang Squat Cleans @ 135/95
15 Ring Dips

Workout Guidance:
This workout is all about going through a big dip progression and having a solid plan for breaking up both our dips and our hang squat cleans. Our weight today on the hang squat cleans is moderate. If we had to, we could do at least one round of hang squat cleans without putting the barbell down. Additionally, we should think about doing all our hang squat cleans from position 1 (the mid thigh) so as to save our backs and cut down on the range of motion for this workout. For our ring dips, if we need to scale we can use  a box dip, supporting ourselves on one or two feet. We need to pick an option for dips that allows us to work consistently in the 3-5 rep range, and no point getting down to singles. We should also be prepared for the case in which our upper bodies become too fatigued and we have a scaling option that we can drop down to if things get too challenging. If you’re someone who plans on doing ring dips today, make sure you know to wear long sleeves if you want to protect your upper arms from the abrasion against the ring straps.

Question of the Day:
What sugary food grosses you out the most?

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