Sylwia and Kayla just joined this month and have been killing it! Welcome!

“Rolling Stones”
Teams of 2
Row Calories
Kettlebell Swings 53/35
Wall Balls 20/14
*Full rounds then switch
*Post team name and score to comments

Wod Guidance
Partner 1 completes a full round then partner 2 completes a full round. Work hard and then rest as your partner goes to work on their round. Choose a kettlebell you could do 15 reps without putting down and a wall ball weight you can do 15 reps without putting down as well. And most importantly have fun getting after a team workout! Try partnering up with someone you don’t know and get to know them a little better. Meet someone new and make some friends!

Question of the Day
Bringing it back to Tilt 2!
If one animal was made the size of a whale, which would be the scariest? Go!

Box Brief
Today is Bring A Friend Day Free Class! Welcome first timers or those who would like to try it out at Tilt Sudbury and see what all this functional fitness and community is all about!
Pool party July 20th at Ana and Rod’s place!
Make sure to congratulate our Shred Nutrition Challenge winners, Nathalie and Leo!
Check out Coach Kathleen’s new blog post here!

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