Shonda Strong!

Row, Bike, or Ski
20 Rounds:
:20 seconds work :10 seconds rest
*Score is lowest calorie

Core Cashout
3 Rounds for quality of:
20 V-Ups
20 Russian Kettlebell Swings 70/53
20 Abmat Sit Ups
Rest 1 minute between rounds
*Post scores to comments

WOD Guidance
The workout today is tabata style but about two and a half rounds of it! Find a moderate sprint you can maintain for all rounds. Work hard but work smart. Record your calories.
The core cashout is for quality today. Pick a weight on the russian kettlebell swing that you can hold onto for all 20 reps. Even though it’s not for time, this is a cashout to move with purpose and focus on strengthening your core.

Box Brief
Today is Bring a Friend Day!

Nutrition Challenge Baseline Retest: Friday, June 28th (all classes)

Nutrition Challenge Sudbury Weighouts are on Thursday June 27th + Friday June 28th

Check out Kathleen’s new article on coffee HERE.

Thursday, July 4th Schedule:
Sudbury- 7am and 9am Classes
Waltham- 6am and 8am Classes

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