Fairlee and Alex

Today Is Bring A Friend Day!

C2 Triathlon
Teams of 2
2,000 Meter Ski
4,000 Meter Row
6,000 Meter Bike

Post team names and times to comments.

WOD Guidance
Sprints with your partner today! On the ski erg and rower, switch every 250 or 500 meters. On the bike, switch every 500 or 1000 meters. Your choice today!

Congrats to our April Committed Club!
Jamie Denn 28
Paul Duddy 28
Tracey Parker 28
Sue Ciaffoni 27
Ben Parker 26
Nancy Purpura 26
Nadia Abuelezam 25
Lisa Polesello 25
Dale Tapply 25
Alex Babitsky 24
Erica Bovenschulte 23
Fairlee Fabrett 23
Jo Agne 22
Daphna Cox 22
Elise Kumar 22
Shonda Morris 22
Adam “Waltham” Stevens 22
Nathalie Camargo 21
Elaine Morrill 21
Marc Symington 21
Will McCart 20
Dominic Sestito 20
Sarah Troiano 20

Elaine Morrill is the winner of the April Committed Club raffle!

Box Brief
Save the Dates
Sunday, May 12th @ 9am-945am – Mother’s Day Workout in support of Healthcare Without Walls’ Bridges to Moms Program
Saturday, May 18th @ 2pm – TILT Outing at Kimball Farm. More details to come!
Saturday, May 18th @ 9am and 11am – CrossFit TILT Waltham w/ Dan Melzar. Click HERE to find out more. Sign-up HERE.

Fiola Sports Chiropractic is giving FREE screenings/evaluations this Saturday 5/4 from 7:20am-9:20am.
Sign-up for a 20 minute session at the front desk.