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3 Rounds
400m Run/ 500m Row,Ski/ 1000m Bike
12 Pull-ups
21 Push-ups

General Warm Up
3 rounds
1 minute Run/Row/Bike/Ski Jog in place
10 Ring Row/Light Row/PVC Row/Imaginary Row
10 Arm Circle Forward
10 Arm Circle Backward
10 Hugs
10 Alternating Scorpion Stretch

Movement Specific Warm Up

:10 Deadhang (active shoulders)
10 Scapulas Pull-ups
5 Ring Row
5 Pull-up

:30 Plank
10 Scap Push-ups
5 Knee Push-ups
5 Push-ups

Warm Up Round
:30 Run/Row/Ski/Bike
5 Pull-ups
5 Push-ups

WOD Modifications
Run- 300/200m
Row- 400/300m
Bike- 800/600m
Pull Up- Ring Row, DB/Odd Object Bent Over Row
Push Up- Elevate to Box or Table, Knee Push Up, DB/O.O. Floor Press

WOD Guidance
Moderate pace on the first and second round runs and push the last one! No more than two sets on pull-ups and manageable sets on push-ups!

Question of the Day
What sweet treat is the winner on YOUR snack bracket?

Box Brief
Thirsty Thursday 6:30PM!
New Class Schedule!
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Tabata Time


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