“Reverse Jerry”

2k Row
1 Mile Run
2k Row

Question of the Day
Who’s a side character in a movie or TV show that you can’t get enough of?

Box Brief
Mobility/Flexibility Assessment Workshop w/ Coach James
Sunday, April 3 @ 9:00-10:00am in Southborough
Click HERE for all details
Sign-up at the front desk!

**Save the Date!**
7th Annual 24 Heroes Fundraiser
When: May 29th – May 30th
Where: TILT Southborough – 12 Southville Road

Click HERE for all details!

Congrats to Rachel “Coach” Wagner on being our March Athlete of the Month!
Rachel is one of our more seasoned vets here at TILT II. You can usually catch her at an evening class on a regular basis. If you’re looking to see someone move a barbell with crisp technique look no further. Rachel, or Coach as she’s known as, has some of the smoothest barbell work around. On top of that, over the last month she’s been improving some of her high skill movements. You can catch her on the rig ripping off toes to bar and hitting big sets with her jump rope increasing her capacity on double unders! Put all this together with the growing confidence to move more weight and increase her reps during workouts Coach has been on fire! Check out her video below!

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