“All or Nothing”
For time:
2k Row/Ski or 4k Bike
*EMOM Up Ladder – Core of Choice (V-Up, Single Leg V-Up, Tuck Crunch, Abmat Sit-up)

Option A
1K Row/Ski or 2K Bike

Option B
10 minutes Row/Bike/SKi

WOD Guidance
Push the pace and keep steady! Hop off each minute and complete core movement before getting back on row, bike, or ski!

Question of the Day
Do you chew ice cream?

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Virtual Access:
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Box Brief

TILT Affiliate Cup! Click HERE for all the details!
21.3 Live Announcement Throwdown- Thursday 3/25 @ 3:00pm on Zoom!
NEW Kids Fitness Class Time: 11:00am-11:30am in Sudbury
No Kids’ Class on Sunday 4/4!
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