“Polar Bear”

21/15 Calorie Bike Erg
12 Kettlebell Swings (70/53)
2 Rope Climbs

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WOD Guidance
Steady on the bike. Pick a weight on the kettlebell you can hold onto, and a rope climb progression to keep moving.

Question of the Day
Would you rather wrestle a lion or fight a shark?

Box Brief
Today is Bring A Friend Day!

TILT Holiday Party Saturday December 14th! Sign at the front desk!
Make sure to pick up your ornament and venmo April Liles!
Sign up for you CrossFit TILT Winter apparel order at the front desk!
The “Rowathon” is back! Put a team together and let’s raise some money for our TILT Fam running the Boston Marathon! Sign up here!

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