#TBT Justice League!

“Sled Dog”

Tabata (complete entire station then rotate)
1. Row
2. V-Up/Tuck Crunch/Hollow Rock/Hollow Hold/Plank/Abmat Sit-up
3. Bike
4. Kettlebell Swing (53/35)
5. Ski

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WOD Guidance
All about putting in the work today! If you would like to keep track of reps on row, bike, and ski, count in calories. Pick a variation on ab work and a kettlebell you can hold onto for fifteen reps without putting down.

Question of the Day

Box Brief
Today is Bring A Friend Day!
Holiday Schedule
Tuesday 12/24 Open Gym 7-11am
Wednesday 12/25 Closed
Thursday 12/26 Open Gym 9-12pm
Yoga 8am Sunday
Endurance Class 9am Sunday