Injury Prevention Seminar 10-11am today!

Sunday Schedule:
Yoga 8am-9am
Open Gym 9am-10am
Injury Prevention Seminar 10am-11am
Open Gym 11am-12:30pm
Kids’ Fitness Class 12:30pm-1:30pm

“Snap, Crackle, Pop”
Teams of 3
400 Meter Team Run
150 Pull-ups
400 Meter Team Run
150 Push-ups
400 Meter Team Run
150 Sit-ups
400 Meter Team Run
150 Air Squats

Post team names and times to comments.

Box Brief
Come on out for Dr. Sean Rockett’s Injury Prevention Seminar from 10am-11am. We are asking for a $20 donation that will be donated to the Family Nurturing Center. We will be throwing down on a team workout following the seminar!


Congrats to Emily for taking 2nd place in the Women’s Elite Spartan Race in New Jersey!

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