830am crew getting after on the bikes!

20/15 Calorie Row/Bike or Ski
20 Burpees
10 Russian Kettlebell Swings 53/35
*Post score to comments

WOD Guidance
Conditioning to build your engine! Pace out a little bit and keep moving on the burpees!

Box Brief
Nutrition Challenge is underway! Check out the guidelines and for more information click HERE! 
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2019 TILT Affiliate Cup Week 1 starts next Friday, October 11th! Log your individual points for you team  HERE!

2019 Affiliate Cup Rosters

Berkely O’Keefe
Jessica Bronson
Mike Ward
Charlene Nassa
Elise Kumar
Matt Jackson
Liza Duddy
Molly Hoagland
Brady Schlosser
Carie Facemire
Lianne Castelli
Nancy Purpura
Sheri Martinelli
Shonda Morris
Craig Santos
Julie Ladimer
Eddy Denn
Dan Pierson
Nate McBride
Sue Ciaffoni
Anne Yazdani
Daphna Cox
Tom Komola
Casey Bennett
James Brine
Jose Chacon
Rodrigo Azevedo
Jamie Denn
Ana Azevedo
Sarah Troiano

Team RED
Brian Knopf
Erica Bovenschulte
Phil Muscatello
Kristen Leonard
LJ DiCarlo
Mick Dudley
Elaine Morrill
Kaki Paulino
Bob Haarde
Dale Tapply
Mark Anderson
Fran Cote
Kevin Yarkosky
Mike Leonard
Will McCart
Nadia Abuelezam
Dave Evans
Fred Distefano
Chris Fox
Mark Allen
Ben Parker
Silmara Perozin
Terri DiCarlo
Heather Arsenault
Sean Bronson
Cheryl Boland
Nathalie Camargo
Paul Duddy
Mary Carvalho
Scott Kluge
Mike Milofsky