Just Breathe
For Time
400/360 Calories
Every 2 Minutes
10 reps Core of Choice (V-Up, Single Leg V-Up, Tuck Crunch, Sit-up)

TILT January Nutrition Challenge Starts Monday 1/3!
Step 1: Sign-up at the front desk!
Step 2: Review the challenge details HERE
Step 3: Start to decide which option you would like to go with…
6 Cups Option

Zone Diet Option
Step 4: Review our Week 1 sleep challenge
Step 5: Stay tune for updates through our Facebook Accountability group, TRIIB, and email. TILT Coaches will be helping out along the way!
Big Congratulations to our two newest members of the 500/1000 Club! Tracey Parker and Dan Pierson!
Check it out HERE and learn what it’s all about!

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