TILT II Summer Shred Nutrition Challenge

When: Monday, May 14th – Friday, June 22nd

Cost: $20
InBody Scale Dates
Weigh-ins: Friday, May 11th + Saturday May 12th
Weigh-outs: Wednesday, June 20th + Thursday June 21st (1/2 Day)
Baseline Workout: Monday, May 14th during all classes
The Winner:
– Body fat percentage / weight loss
– Benchmark workout
*There will be NO point system for this challenge
Week 1 – No Alcohol/No Sugar Detox (May 14th – May 20th)
This week will serve as a 1-week detox period. During this week we will focus on eliminating ALL processed sugar and alcohol from our diets. This is the only week that will have restrictions. Moving forward into weeks 2-6, we recommend trying to keep these habits going.
Week 2 to Week 6 – Eat 800 grams of fruits and/or vegetables a day (May 21st – June 22nd)
Additional details regarding the challenge (weeks 2-6 specifically) can be found below..
The 800g Challenge- Click HERE.
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Food Scale – Click HERE.